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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Adidas Country O Vintage Trainer Limited Edition (SOLD)


Contidition : A+
(tapi ada pecah2 ckt kat dpn n blakang mcm gamba di atas)
Colour : Blue
Size : 7uk and 7 1/2 us

Adidas Country became popular in the 70’ as a cross country running shoe and it was in production for a number of years. Now, Adidas is re-issuing it as the ‘Adidas Country O Vintage Trainer’.

The suede and nylon shoe even looks like a vintage piece, with washed suede, treated outsoles and yellowed mid-soles.

Somehow, the look very familiar… either they look like another Adidas model that’s currently being sold, or people around these places wear really, really old shoes…

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